Saturday, August 7, 2010

So much driving, so little time for anything else.

Driving 126 miles each way everyday to the jobsite is really starting to wear me down. That, coupled with the heat, by the time I am on the way home I'm just in a trance. I have a good selection of camera gear sitting right next to me every day but it's all I can do just to get home. I think I have taken every back road home from down around Eastland to here. There are a few abandoned houses, barns and windmills but being out in 100 degree heat all day makes getting out to take pictures a little less attractive.

I shot a wedding back in June. It was a nice change of pace. It has taken me forever to work all the images and build an album. Working 13 hour days....waaa, waaa, waaa You get the drift.

I have enjoyed the camera on the i-phone. Its actually quite good. Maybe more handy than good but still very useful.  These two pics from the oil patch are i-phone photos.

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