Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Along with the spring flowers I have always been fascinated with old chimneys that you see while traveling the back roads. Sometimes there is something remaining of the structure that went with it but more often than not the only evidence that anything was ever there is the chimney itself. When the structure is partially remaining you can see how Mother Earth slowly absorbs this man made creation back into itself. It makes me wonder what was here. Was it a young family that was trying to make on the frontier? Did their house burn down? Maybe it was an older couple that had raised an entire generation out here in the middle of nowhere and as their lives came to the final chapters the children had moved on to fast paced lives in the city never to return to what they perceived as the boondocks. But the chimneys are always the last to go.


  1. Is the top house the haunted one? That was spooky. I like the old chimneys and old barns. Cant wait until you post some barns. Wish you would post some of the twins

  2. I like photos of 'ruins.' Well done.